Where is my Transfer Manifest?

Where is my Transfer Manifest?

Having trouble locating your Transfer Manifest? Or didn't receive it? Below are a few quick troubleshooting steps:
  • Manifests are emailed to the email address used to sign into Canix. Be sure you are checking the same email inbox that you used to sign into Canix. If you still don't have an email try logging out and back into your email account and verifying you are in the correct email account.
  • When checking your email for the Manifest be sure to check your junk and spam folders.
  • Try searching your inbox for: [email protected] (This is the email address the emails generate from).

Pro-Tip: Save [email protected] as an approved contact, so going forward these emails don't filter to spam or junk mail.

*If you are still having trouble receiving your Transfer Manifest reach out to Customer Support for additional assistance.

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