How to get your Metrc API key

As part of setting up Canix you will need to access your Metrc API key. This will enable Canix to send and retrieve data from your Metrc account. Canix is listed as a validated 3rd party Metrc providers under the name “Entrc”. 

*Do not print, write down, or share your Metrc API key with anyone other than a validated Metrc integrator. 

*You must have admin access to generate the API Key

Metrc's user permissions by default are view only. Enable the necessary permissions under Admin > Employees and editing the employee with the API key being used.
  • Select your user profile on the top right side of the page
  • Click API Keys
  • Select Generate
  • Copy the entire Current API Key
  • Send this API Key to your Canix representative or follow these instructions to add to a user or your facility in Canix.

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