User Profile

User Profile

Once you click on the green Log in button from the first-time log-in screen, you will be directed to your User Profile to complete your contact and security information.

Complete the missing information.

Item 1: Full Name 

Your full name is prepopulated from the State of Massachusetts’s database. 

Item 2: Email

You will enter and can change your email in this section. 

Item 3: Phone Number

You will enter and can change your phone number in this section.  

Item 4: Username

Your username will be prepopulated by the State. 

Item 5: Password

You will enter and can change your password in this section.  Your password MUST contain at least:

1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, and 1 special character

Item 6: Confirm Password

Confirm your chosen password by retyping it in this section. 

Item 7: Security Question

Enter a security question to use when resetting your password in the event you forget it and are unable to log into the system. 

Item 8: Security Answer

Enter the answer to your chosen security question for use in the event you are unable to log in and need to reset your password. 

Item 9: Save Profile button

Use this button to save all entered information or changes to information.  

Item 10: Undo Changes button

This button will clear the fields you populate so that you can begin again if there were errors. 

Once you have completed the information and hit the Save Profile button, you will have successfully created the log in credentials you will use to access the system.

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