Creating a Package from a Harvest (Web - Metrc)

Creating a Package from a Harvest

You can create a Package from a Harvest in the Web Application of Canix:

  • Navigate to Inventory > Packages > Active
  • Under Actions, select +Create Package
  • Create Package From, select Harvest
  • The next screen will prompt you to enter a New Metrc Package Tag or select the arrow to generate the next available tag. Select or search for the Item from the drop down menu, and to select Packaging Date. Note: there is an option to mark this package as a Testing Package. Toggle this on if you are creating this specific package to be sent to be a lab, not that the harvest has been tested.
  • Select Add Contents to enter the source harvest and weight of the package. Search and Select Active Harvests from the Harvest field Note: if you don't see the harvest you're looking for, check that this is an active harvest under Harvests > Active.
  • Select, +Create Package Note: Once Submitted this package cannot be edited

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