Entering Sales at the Dispensaries 

Only Retailers enter Sales information in the system. Recording Sales in Metrc is "reporting the last event in chain of custody" in this Seed-to-Sale tracking software. 

Sales may be entered two (2) ways: 

  1. Manually
  2. Data Import - via .csv file upload or through the API from a Third-party Vendor that has completed the certification process with Metrc and the State. 

Sales must be entered into Metrc daily on the day sales are made using the “Record Receipts” button for manual entries, or the “Import” button for CSV uploads. 

Manually Entering Sales

Item 1: Receipt Date 

The date of purchase from the receipt. 

Item 2: Time of Sale 

The time of sale in hours and minutes.  

Item 3: Time of Day 

Identifies whether the sale occurred in the am or pm hours. 

Item 4: Package Number  

Package(s) from which product was distributed to the consumer. 

Item 5: Availability 

Displays how much product remains in the existing Metrc package.  

Item 6: Add Package button 

Use to add additional package information.   

Item 7: Add button 

Use to populate information from a separate Sales Receipt while on the same screen.   

Item 8: Quantity 

How much product the consumer purchased from the identified package(s). 

Item 9: Unit of Measure dropdown 

Select the Unit of Measure from the dropdown. The Unit of Measure must match the Unit of Measure of the source package(s).  

Item 10: Total Price 

Enter the Total Price for the product sold before tax and after any discounts.  

Item 11: Record Sales button

Select Record Sales to save the information and exit the screen.  

Item 12: Cancel button 

Select to exit the screen without saving any changes. 

Item 13: Clear button

Select to clear all entered information.  

You can use the “Edit Receipts” button to edit the date and time and package/sales details.

Sales Data Import

You will need the ability to associate the Metrc package ID number to one or more sku items in your POS to import Sales data via the API.  

If they do not participate in the API (see the API Third-party Vendor list of companies who are certified to use the API with Merc at, your Point of Sales vendor can help you export a csv file from their system to your computer. You can then import that csv file into Metrc. 

If your POS vendor participates in the API, they can push this data to the software automatically. 

CSV - Comma Separated Variable file or Comma Delimited file 

To use the CSV upload: 

A sales upload from a common file type is available from the Sales function within a retailer. The file will need to be a test file separated by commas, commonly called a CSV file. This type of file can be created from an excel worksheet. The image below shows where to select the file. Once you have selected sales, select the "Import" button shown below. You should be able to create a CSV file from your existing Point-of-Sale system. 

A new screen will open. Select the "Sales (new)" button and select the file to upload. 


  1. Please be sure to select the correct files before uploading
  2. All uploaded files will be imported automatically
  3. Once a file is uploaded, it cannot be removed
  4. Once a file is imported, its data cannot be removed
  5. Every single upload is tied to your current account and facility
  6. Files are limited to 1MB (megabyte) in size
  7. All files will be scanned by antivirus software   

Formatting your CSV Sales File for Upload 

The CSV data fields for the upload are as follows: 

New Sales Receipts:

Please remember, the CSVs cannot have a header, just the data. The file will need to be created without headers and with a separate row for each transaction, for example:

Note, for a consumer, you will not need to enter a Patient Number or Caregiver Number, but the empty field must still be included.

Existing Sales Receipts:


  • For a consumer, you will not need to enter any Patient Number or Caregiver Number, but the empty field must still be included.
  • If you are updating a previously uploaded entry, you will need to retrieve the receipt number from Metrc.
  • If you receive an error upon upload, you may contact the Metrc Support Desk for assistance diagnosing the issue. Errors are usually due to missing or invalid data in the CSV file.

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