Account Manager Credentialing (Metrc Manual)

During the licensing process, an owner, designated responsible party (DRP), primary contact, or other representative authorized to act on behalf of the licensee is identified as the Metrc Account Manager.

The Account Manager must attend the Account Manager New Business training hosted by Franwell's Metrc Support Team before accessing Metrc. Once this training is completed and an annual license is issued, the Account Manager sends an email to [email protected] or calls Franwell Metrc Support (877-566-6506) to initiate the credentialing process and enable Metrc access.

After the Account Manager information is validated, he/she receives a Welcome to Metrc email similar to the one shown in Exhibit 1.

The Welcome to Metrc email provides a link and temporary password for logging into Metrc and setting up an account.

NOTE: The first time log-in link is only good for 24 hours, so login within 24 hours of receiving the email. If the log-in link expires, use the Expired First-Time Log-in Link.  If you no longer have the Welcome to Metrc e-mail, contact Franwell Metrc Support (877-566-6506) to request that the e-mail be resent.

  1. Username. The Username is based on the email address sent during credentialing (for Account Managers) or the account creation process (for employees). It is used to log into Metrc after the initial log-in. 
  2. First-Time Log-in Link. Clicking the First-Time Log-in Link displays the initial login page pre-populated with the First-Time Log-in Key and the user E-mail address.  Clicking the Log in button navigates the user first to the End User Agreements page and then to the User Profile page to set up security information.
  3. First-Time Log-in Key. This is a temporary First-Time Log-in Key and can only be used once

The First-Time Log-in Link and First-Time Log-in Key will remain active for 24 hours.  After 24 hours, use the Expired First-Time Log-in Link (see below).  If you no longer have the Welcome to Metrc e-mail, contact Franwell Metrc Support (877-566-6506) to request that the e-mail be resent.

  1. Expired First-Time Log-in Link. Expired First-Time Log-in Link is used for the initial log-in when the First-Time Log-in Link and Key expire after 24 hours.
  2. Ongoing Log-in Link. Ongoing Log-in Link is the link used to access Metrc after the first-time login to set-up the User Profile and Password.  It is suggested that this link be added to your Favorites for convenient access.

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