Create Recipe (Web - Non-Metrc)

Create Recipe

Recipes deduct ingredients from your Non-Cannabis Inventory whenever a cannabis package is produced.

Pro-Tip: Creating Ingredients in Non-Cannabis Inventory should be completed before Creating a Recipe.

  • From the Web App, Inventory > Non-Cannabis > Recipes.
  • Select, +Create Recipe
  • Complete required fields: Recipe Name, Matching Item, Item Quantity, Unit of Measure.

Recipe Name - User Preference, used for identification purposes.

Matching Item - Cannabis Item being used, and will reflect in Inventory.

Item Quantity and Unit of Measure - How much of the matching item will be used in the recipe.

***Note: Matching Item - Be sure to create the Cannabis Item in facility settings prior to creating the recipe. You can add the Item to Facility Settings here: ***

  • Then Add Ingredients by Searching for the SKU or Non-Cannabis Products. When adding Ingredients you will add the Quantity and Unit of Measure for each.
  • Once all Ingredients have been added, Select Create.
  • The Recipes will now populate on Non-Cannabis Recipes.

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