Review Metrc Submissions (Web - Metrc)

Review Metrc Submissions

Review Metrc Submissions is a feature Canix created to allow administrators to review and approve all submissions being made to Metrc. Enable this feature for users from User Management in the Web Application.

From the Web Application:

Update User Management Preferences

  • Admin > User Management
  • Select the User who should require review upon submission
  • Check the box, Requires Review on Submissions
  • Select Update

Now that this feature has been enabled for Users within your facility, you can view All Pending Metrc Submissions and all completed Metrc Submissions.

Review Submissions that are Pending Approval

  • Admin > Review Submissions > Pending Approval
  • Browse METRC submissions within your selected facility, and approve ones that are Pending approval. (Note: Only Administrators can Approve or Deny Metrc Submissions.)
  • Check the box next to the submission
  • Select Approve to submit to Metrc or Deny to send back to the user for edit

Review all Metrc Submissions
  • Admin > Review Submissions > All

Note: Any submissions from the Mobile App or Web App that are sent to Metrc will be recorded in this section

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