How to Print Labels/Tags

How to Print Plant Labels/Tags

You have the option to print plant tags/labels each time you change Growth Phases in the web application. These numbers cannot be reused across strains or items and need to be unique.

  • When you select a plant batch to move to Vegetative Growth Phase you will have an option to Print Labels in the lower left hand corner.

You can also print labels at Canix labels are 12 numbers long. We recommend starting at 000000000000 and moving up by one number every time you print (e.g. 000000000000 → 000000000001).

You can save to a PDF and print it directly from your computer, or to a CSV and import into your own printer software. If printing from a PDF, these are the recommended printer settings for our recommended printers

Dymo LabelWriter 450

Zebra ZD410

Canix recommends the following label printers:

Dymo Lable Writer 450

Zebra ZD410

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