Metrc Integration (Web - Metrc)

Metrc Integration

This feature in Canix allow you to enter your Metrc API Key and view the permissions that are enabled/disabled in Metrc. Depending on your license type, some permissions may be permanently restricted by Metrc. For example, Distributors may not have access to Plants permissions.

From the Web Application:

  • Admin > Integrations
  • Select Metrc
  • Paste Metrc API Key in the box titled, "METRC API Key". If it is a valid Metrc API Key, it will be indicated by the green check mark at the end of the box.
  • As shown below, you will see what permissions have been enabled for this facility indicated by the green check mark. The red triangle indicates the permission is disabled in Metrc for that facility.
Note: Metrc's user permissions by default are view only. If you need to update these permissions you can Enable the necessary permissions under: Admin > Employees and editing the employee with the API key being used.
  • “Once you have updated these permissions in Metrc, you can recheck your API permissions on this page for all check marks. Check the box next to the facility and select “Update Selected Facilities” to add a new API key to facilities in Canix.

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