Non-Cannabis Inventory (Web - Metrc)

Non-Cannabis Inventory

This feature allows you to track your current and historical non-cannabis inventory in Canix.

Create Product

  • In the Web Application of Canix: Inventory > Non Cannabis > Inventory
  • Select, Create Product
  • Then complete all required fields for the product: Product Name, SKU, Unit Price, Available Quantity and Unit of Measure. Then Select, Create.
  • All of your Non-Cannabis Inventory will now be listed, as shown below.

***Note: Now that the Product has been created as Non-Cannabis Inventory, it can be used for Non-Cannabis Recipes.***


Edit Products

If necessary you can Edit your Non-Cannabis Inventory. There is not an option to delete Non-Cannabis Inventory at this time.

  • Click on the Product Name, make needed changes, and select Update.

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