Supported Scales and Bluetooth Devices

Canix currently only supports the following hardware:
OHaus Scales (Ranger 3000, Defender 3000, Defender 5000-D52 [non-washdown], Valor 7000)

SerialIO BlueSnap DB9-M6A Bluetooth Adapter (also purchase charging cable) -- male DB9 version only.

Supported Scales

As noted above, currently Canix only supports the following scales:

  • Ranger 3000 (Not the Ranger 7000)
  • Defender 3000 and 5000-D52 (Non-washdown versions ONLY —washdowns require additional setup and routing. Please contact Canix support if you have purchased a washdown variant of the scale)
    • Acceptable variants of Defender 5000 D-552
      • Ohaus Bench Scale, Defender 5000 Model D52P25RTR1 * Capacity: 50 x 0.01 lb (25 kg x 5 g) * Platform Size: 12" x 14" * Legal for Trade
      • Ohaus Bench Scale, Defender 5000 Model D52P50RQL2 * Capacity: 100 x 0.02 lb (50 kg x 10 g) * Platform Size: 18" x 18" * Legal for Trade
  • Valor 7000

If you’re interested in using a different scale with Canix, please contact us! We’d love to support more integrations in the future. Any OHaus scale with an RS232 port should generally be compatible.

Supported Adapters and Accessories

Do not purchase the OHaus Bluetooth adapter. It is not compatible with Canix.

Canix supports the following adapters and accessories,

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