Create a Package from Source Package (Metrc - Web)

The following steps walk through creating packages from an existing package in your inventory. By the end of these steps, you will have created packages from a master package.

Before you begin:
  • If you will be turning the source package into another package item, create the item before you begin packaging. For example, you may be turning a source package of item type Flower into a new package of item type Preroll
  • Load unused tag inventory to utilize a feature that will populate the next available tag and minimize manual entry of tag numbers.
On the Web App:
  • Navigate to Inventory > Packages > Active
  • Select Actions > Create Package
  • Search for a source package
  • Select the arrow in the Start Tag field to populate the next available tag based on your preloaded unused Metrc tags. The ending tag will be populated based on the number of packages you select in the next field.
  • Enter the Number of New Packages you want to create at this time from the source package
  • Search for the Item
  • Enter a Location if you would like to track the shelf or room your package is located in
  • Enter Packaged Date
  • Enter the individual weight per package and weight unit of each package
  • Enter a pulled weight if applicable. This is the weight being pulled from the source package if it differs from the resulting amount of weight in the new package. For example, 1g of Flower creates a smaller quantity of oil in the resulting package.
  • Select Generate Packages

Note: Error messages will appear in the top right of your screen (i.e. a tag in your sequence has already been used). If errors that tags have been used appear, use the x as shown in the screenshot below to remove that package tag. Create a single package using the inputs on the left to generate another package with an available tag for submission.

  • Continue to create packages of different quantities if needed by filling out the inputs on the left and generating packages to add to the packages created on the right
  • Click Submit to create the list of packages in Metrc

These packages can be found on your Active packages report under Inventory > Packages > Active.

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