Create Plantings from a Package (Web - California)

When creating a new plant batch from packages of seeds or clones, you can plant these on the web or mobile application. The following steps will walk through creating plantings from a package in your facility's inventory.

Before getting started, check if the Strain column is populated for the packages you will be creating plantings from, or create the strains needed under Admin > Facility Data > Strains following these steps.

On the Web Application:
  • Navigate to Inventory > Packages > Active
  • Filter the Units column for Each as you can only create plantings on the web from a package with a count of clones or seeds
  • Select the box next to packages that are the same batch type (Clone or Seed), Location and Planted Date that you want to create plants from Note: If all packages filtered by Each will be unpacked into one or more plant batches, you don't need to select the box next to the package and can move onto the next step
  • Hover over the Actions button in the top right and select Unpack into Plantings
  • Fill out the information on the left menu that should be applied to the batches. Pro-Tip: If you've loaded your Metrc tag inventory into Canix (steps here), you can select the arrow for Starting Plant Batch Tag to auto-populate for you.

  • If the packages of clones or seeds do not already have a strain associated with them, you will need to choose one by selecting No Matching Strain under each source package

  • If the information looks correct, click Submit in the top right to create plant batches

The newly created plant batches can be found under Plants > Plant Batches > Active. You can check the status of your submission to Metrc under Admin > Metrc Submissions > All. If the status has Failed, click on the submission to see the error message.

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