How to Accept Incoming Transfers into Metrc

How to Accept Incoming Transfers into Metrc

Our Metrc Integration allows you to create the perfect template for transferring cannabis packages between licenses. To more information on creating a draft transfer in Canix, click here .

To add the inventory (seeds, clones, flower, shake/trim, etc) you will want to accept the transfer into your facility. This will send the package into Canix so that you can manage it by either creating plantings from package or creating new packages from your existing packages.

  • In Metrc, go to Transfers > Then click on Licensed Templates.

  • Once you are on the next page, click on the Incoming tab. The incoming tab only shows incoming transfers for the facility that you are currently in. The incoming tab includes counts of overdue transfers in red while the total outstanding transfers are in black.

  • After locating the transfer that you wish to accept, you will want to select the Receive Button (shown below)
  • The receive button is on the right side of the transfer manifest. Pressing the receive button does NOT automatically accept the transfer but rather launches the Receive Licensed Transfer page, which allows the destination facility to adjust the quantity received, reject the entire transfer, reject specified packages in the transfer, or accept the transfer as it is.

  • Once you are on the next page, if the contents and destination of your transfer look to be correct, you can select the Receive Transfer button (shown below).

Congratulations! You have successfully accepted a transfer into your facility!

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