Transfers Types

The State has changed the Transfer Types in Metrc to align Metrc with the latest DOR Tax codes for marijuana businesses. Transfers will now be classified as Affiliated, Unaffiliated and Lab Transfer.

For an Unaffiliated Transfer, the licensee should enter the agreed upon Contract Price of the marijuana. When entering the price, the actual price charged exclusive of tax must be recorded in the system.

Transfers - Keep in Mind

 A transfer manifest must be created to move packages from one license to another. 

To produce a physical manifest to print and send with the driver, click on the manifest number to  highlight the item in orange, then click on the “View Manifest” button. The manifest will open as a PDF in a new window for you to print 

A package must be received in its entirety; you cannot receive a partial package (i.e. 200/400 grams of raw product). 

You can reject one or more packages from a manifest; you can also reject a manifest in its entirety.

If a package that you have sent is rejected by the recipient, you will need to navigate to the “Rejected” tab in the “Transfers” function on the navigation bar to receive the item or items back into your inventory once they are physically back on site. 

A package must exist to be selected for transfer; transfers are real-time inventory dependent.

When receiving a manifest digitally, you should always physically verify the count/weight of each package. Be sure to account for discrepancies by modifying the received count/weight. Consider rejecting the package if a substantial discrepancy exists between the reported shipped amount versus the amount you’re receiving. A modified count/weight on the receiving end will raise an exception in the State reporting.

You must digitally receive a transfer in the system the same day of physically receiving the product. 

Reject any suspicious or incorrect transfers. 


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