5 Things That Can Only Be Done In Metrc

5 Things That Can Only Be Done In Metrc

There are a few actions that you must complete in Metrc that cannot be done in Canix. We have provided links for the articles that will give you step by step instructions to complete these actions.

  • The first two are Ordering and Receiving Metrc Tags. This is where the designated account manager will be able to order the package and plant tags electronically in Metrc and receive them into the facility.

  • The next action would be Accepting Incoming Transfers. This allows you to accept new packages into your facility so that you can manage them in Canix!

  • Next up, Registering Outgoing Transfers. You can use and should use Canix to create the draft transfer but you need to go into Metrc to Register the transfer so that you can generate a transfer manifest and move the packages out of your facility.

  • Last but not least, Uploading Plant Waste. In Canix, you can report your waste with ease. Once you are finished, a CSV file of your waste will be emailed to you. You will use this file to upload the data into Metrc.

For more information on Metrc and Canix features, please visit us at https://help.canix.com/ or send us an email to [email protected] .

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