Creating a Package from a Package (Web - Non-Metrc)

Creating a Package from a Package

After plants are harvested and dried, the inventory of products produced by the harvest (flower, trim, etc) is often placed into larger, bulk packages to create smaller sub packages as ordered.


  • Tracking unit weight when moving from the larger inventory to the smaller packages is key.   Canix tracks the total weight of the smaller packages.  This must be less than or equal to the total weight of the larger (parent) package

From the Web Application:

  • Inventory > Packages > Active
  • Select, +Create Package
  • Create Package From: Package
  • Split Package: Enter the bulk Source Package, that you are wanting to create multiple packages from.
  • Complete all required fields: Starting Package Tag, Number of New Packages being created, Item, Location, Packaged Date, and Individual Package Weight Per Package (Weight of every newly created package) and Unit of Measure. Note: Each package will be created using the same weight.
  • Select Generate # Packages
  • Generated Packages will be displayed, if all details are correct select, Submit
  • All newly generated packages will be listed: Inventory > Packages > Active

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