Initial Account Set up

Initial Account Setup


Below are the best process steps for setting up your organization’s Metrc account:

  1. Receive Metrc Administrator credentials (See First-time Credentialing in this guide)
  2. Add Facilities/Locations (Under the Administrator’s profile area on the far right of the navigation bar)
  3. Select Facility/Location
  4. Under Admin on the navigation bar:

a.    Order Tags

*Tags must be ordered from/for each individual license

b.    Add Rooms (as applicable)

c.     Add Strains 

d.    Add Items 

e.    Add Employees  

  1. When tags arrive, receive tags in Metrc from the Tag Orders screen, then begin entering plants and/or packages information. 

Tag Orders

While ordering tags in Metrc is a straightforward process, it is important to pay close attention and check your information before placing an order. Once a tag order has been submitted, it can only be canceled before 8pm Eastern Time on the day the order was placed. Metrc tags are custom printed for each facility; as such, orders cannot be cancelled once the printing process has begun and are non-refundable/non-returnable. Pay close attention to the facility you’re placing the order from/for, the amount of tags, and type of tags being ordered; please double check your order information before hitting the Place Order button. 

Item 1: Facility License 

Facility License will be auto-populated based on the facility in which you are currently working.

Item 2: Physical Address

The Physical Address of the facility is auto-populated with the facility address on file with the State of Massachusetts.   

Item 3: Plant and/or Package Tag Amount

Enter the number of Plant Tags you intend like to order (Cultivations only) and/or the number of Package Tags you intend to order.  

Item 4: Shipping Details 

Enter your preferred shipping address. *Must be a physical address, cannot be a P.O. Box. 

Item 5: Place Order button

Click the Place Order button after you have verified your information is correct to submit the order.

Item 6: Cancel button

Click this button to exit the screen without saving any data.

Additional notes: 


  • To navigate to the Tag Order area, select the Admin function on the navigation bar and click on Tag Orders. 
  • Payment information is not required to be the licensee or the business owner. 
  • Tags can be sent to a physical location of your choosing but may not be sent to a P.O. Box. 
  • Tags will be sent by UPS ground. 
  • Tag costs are $.45 per plant tag & strap and $.25 per package tag.
  • To request and arrange payment for expedited shipping, please call Metrc Support as soon as possible after placing your tag order.

Receiving your Tags into Metrc

As a security feature to ensure physical tags are not diverted before they reach you or used by anyone other than the licensee who ordered them, your tags will not automatically populate in the system as the order is placed. Once your tag order has shipped, a “Receive” button will populate in the Tag Orders area of the system as displayed below. When your tags arrive, select the “Receive” button for the order to populate the tags in the software. 

Item 1: Receive button

Select this button once your tags have physically arrived.  After selecting the receive button, a confirmation window like the one displayed below will appear prompting you to confirm receipt of your tag order.

Adding Strains & Items

The Strain and Item areas are located under the Admin functionality on the navigation bar.

Adding Strains - Breakdown

Item 1: Strain Name

Enter each Strain name you grow and/or carry at your facility.  

Item 2: Testing Status 

An optional field in which you can define whether the product has been tested, and if so, if testing was performed in-house or by a third party.  

Item 3: THC and CBD Content

An optional field in which you can identify the THC and CBD content of the Strain. 

Item 4: Indica vs. Sativa  

An optional field in which you can identify the Indica vs Sativa makeup of the Strain.   

Item 5: Add More Strains 

Select this button to add multiple strains at once on this screen.

Item 6: Create Strains button

Select this button to save the information and create the strain(s).

Item 7: Cancel button

Select this button to exit the screen without saving any information.

Item 8: Additional Facilities

If your organization has multiple facilities, you can add strains to one or more at the same time using the relevant checkmark boxes.

Adding Items 

When adding Items into Metrc, please keep in mind: 

  1. The “Item” name should identify the product that will be packaged and eventually distributed to consumers.
  2. The Item name should not simply identify the Category; it should describe the specific item that will be packaged from a Harvest, existing Package or Production Batch. 
  3. Items must be populated for each individual facility. 
  4. As you create your Item, you will also identify the category to which that Item belongs. Categories available in the dropdown menu are populated by the State. Categories facilitate the tracking of product in the system by like groups.
  5. The facility packaging the product names the Item; the Item name carries with the product through the distribution chain. It is unlikely that a Retailer would ever change the name of an Item, even if/when repackaging product. 
  6. Once items are created in the Items Admin area, they will be available in the Items dropdown menu as the facility creates packages. 

Categories are defined by the State of Massachusetts and are listed below with additional requirements to keep in mind when creating Item names 

Buds – accounted for by weight, requires strain, can contain seeds

Concentrate – accounted for by weight 

Concentrate (Each) – accounted for by unit 

Immature Plants – accounted for by unit, requires strain, can contain seeds 

Infused (edible) – accounted for by unit 

Infused (non-edible) – accounted for by unit 

Kief – accounted for by weight 

Seeds – accounted for by unit, requires strain 

Shake/Trim – accounted for by weight, can contain seeds

Shake/Trim (by strain) – accounted for by weight, requires strain, can contain seeds 

Wet Whole Plants – accounted for by weight

Adding Items - Breakdown

Item 1: Name

Type the Item Name, keeping the naming requirements identified in the Categories discussion on the previous page and under Category below in mind.  

Item 2: Category  

Select the correct Category for the item from the State-populated dropdown menu, keeping in mind the guidelines reiterated below. Certain category selections may populate more data fields underneath Unit of Measure for you to complete.

Buds – accounted for by weight, requires strain, can contain seeds

Concentrate – accounted for by weight

Concentrate (Each) – accounted for by unit

Immature Plants – accounted for by unit, requires strain, can contain seeds

Infused (edible) – accounted for by unit

Infused (non-edible) – accounted for by unit

Kief – accounted for by weight

Seeds – accounted for by unit, requires strain

Shake/Trim – accounted for by weight, can contain seeds

Shake/Trim (by strain) – accounted for by weight, requires strain, can contain seeds Wet Whole Plants – accounted for by weight

Item 3: Unit of Measure

If an Item belongs to a weight-based Category, select the Unit of Measure for that Item. If the Item belongs to a count-based “each” Category, select “Each”. Please ensure you’ve selected the correct unit of measure before creating the item. 

Item 4: Clear button

Select this button to clear all entered data. 

Item 5: Add button 

Select this button to create additional items while on this screen. 

Item 6: Create Item button

Select this button to save all entered data a create the item in the system.

Item 7: Cancel button 

Select this button to exit the screen without saving any information.


A marijuana business may designate licensed owners and employees as Metrc users. A marijuana business shall ensure that all owners and employees who are granted Metrc access are trained in the proper and lawful use of the system. It is strongly recommended that all users attend a Metrc training class prior to operating in the system.  

Keep in mind: a licensee is accountable for all actions licensee representatives take while logged in to Metrc including the inputting, modification, and/or deletion of any information. 

The owner initially designated as the Metrc Administrator will add additional owners and employees to the organization’s account in the Employees area under the Admin functionality. Those employees who are added with permission to the system will receive a welcome email prompting them to establish their account in the same way outlined in the First-time Credentialing section of this guide.

Adding Employees            

Employees is available under the Admin functionality on the navigation bar.

Item 1: Employee License Number 

Enter the employee’s State-designated license badge number. The system will associate all actions performed by a user with that user. 

Item 2: Enable Online Access checkbox 

Use this checkbox to designate whether the employee being added will or will not have access to the organization’s Metrc account. While all employees must be entered in the Employees list in the software, not all employees have to be given access to Metrc. 

Item 3: Email 

Enter the employee’s individual email address. This is where the employee’s "Welcome to Metrc" email will be sent.

Item 4: Home

The "Home" screen selected for the Employee will be their default screen in Metrc. The home screen does not affect the Employee's ability to move from screen to screen but does need to match the Permissions granted to the Employee.  

Item 5: Employment 

This area may be used to designate the job functions of the individual being added: Owner, Manager, Bud Tender, Compliance Officer, Grower, and/or Trimmer. This designation does not automatically populate permissions; the Administrator will still need to designate permissions for each specific user. 

Item 6: Permissions 

Select the checkbox for each function an employee will need to access to complete their job tasks. This area will not be visible if you are adding an employee who will not have access to the system. The options available in this section vary by facility type. Owners are encouraged to be highly selective about which permissions they grant employees.  

Item 7: Facilities 

If an employee is being added who will have access to multiple facilities for an organization with more than one license, they may be added to those facilities at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that if the same employee needs different permissions at different facilities, the Administrator will need to add or edit that employee in each individual facility.  

Item 8: Add button 

Allows you to enter multiple employees at the same time. 

Item 9: Create & Save Employees button 

Click here to save your work and add the employee to the facility. 

Item 10: Cancel button 

Click here to exit the screen without saving any data. 

Item 11: Clear button

Click here to clear all the information fields. 


  • The permissions that you select for an employee will affect the functionality available to them on the navigation bar and within each functional area.
  • As specified in the First-time Credentialing section of this guide, the log-in link contained in the “Welcome to Metrc” email expires 24 hours after the link is sent. If an employee fails to log in within the 24-hour period, the Metrc Administrator will need to return to the Employees menu, select that employee, and click the "Resend Welcome Email" box.

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