Create Bulk Harvest (Web - Metrc)

To create a harvest on Canix's web application, navigate to Plants > Flowering > Tracked. This will allow you to harvest multiple plants of the same strain and entering individual wet weights, or assigning an average wet weight to all plants in the harvest.

Note: Regulations state that average plant weights is a non-compliant means of harvesting. We are allowing this option for customers who wish to use it. We encourage you to speak to your local inspector or regulator about average vs. individual weights.

On the web application under Plants > Flowering > Tracked:

  • Select the plants to be harvested through one of the methods below
    Note: plants must be the same strain to be in the same harvest.
    • Select the first plant tag and scroll down to the ending plant tag to be harvested. Select Shift + click on the ending plant tag to select multiple plants at once.
    • Filter columns by strain, batch and/or room to harvest all plants in the filter results
  • Select Harvest Plants in the top right to enter harvest details.
    • Selecting “Harvest All Plants” will harvest everything you currently have filtered in the table
  • Enter the following required details: Harvest Name, Strain Name (pre-populated based on selected flowering plants), search or start typing to select a Drying Room, Harvest Date, Weight Unit
  • Enter an initial individual plant weight for all plants and select Apply All Note: Plant weights can be adjusted by typing over the initial inputs, but can not be deleted completely.
  • Once the summary in the bottom left is correct, select Submit Harvest to submit to Metrc. Warning: There is not an unsubmitted harvest option when creating a harvest on the web like there is on the mobile app. All submissions will go to Metrc when clicking Submit in the bottom right.

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